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Mar Mar, New Vigor Song, and a Video!

Happeeeeeze artists
Happeeeeeze artists

So there’s this girl…

Hey everyone! I’ve been missing for quite some time again. Turns out my thyroid levels were off again(still are) and I seem to get quite distant from everything when they are off like that(maybe it’s good that this happened? Music always comes when they’re off. After all, there is opportunity in everything!). Don’t worry though, I’ve been making music more than usual!!! In the past month I’ve demo’d 2 songs and wrote another one last week! It’ll be demo’d shortly and we played it last night at the fitted shirt show! Check the vid below!

That gets me back to that ol’ header up there. The new song that we played last night is titled “A Song For Mary’, I wrote it about my wonderful girlfriend. We were talking last Friday night and I felt inspired so I picked up my guitar to jam on a riff that I had written 5 mins before I left for our first date. That riff turned into a few more and before I knew it I was singing along and typing up some lyrics. I busted out the lyrics pretty quickly! Once it started to flow out of me I couldn’t stop it and I was caught up in a whirlwind of AWESOMELY happy and beautiful things!

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Hey There!

How are you?

Things are great here. We’ve been trucking along with the new Fitted Shirt album. It’s sounded great. I start tracking my drum and guitar tracks on Sunday. Wahoo!

2 Shows coming up.

The first is on Thursday at Tupelo Musical Hall in Londonderry. We’re playing the open mic night again. Hopefully we won’t get picked 23g24524523th to play. We’re hoping for an earlier slot since a few of us are lucky enough to still have full time jobs. At practice last night, we decided that I’ll be sneaking behind Dan to play his electric guitar while he does the rapping part in the Billy Idol tune. This will be AWESOME, look for a vid on youtube after the event!

The 2nd show is at Life Alive in Lowell, MA on Friday, April 17th. Show starts at 7 and we’ll be playing from 9-9:45. In this 30 min set we’ll also squeeze in Life In Circles, which is my favorite Vigor tune to play live! You can RSVP on facebook. This should be a great show! Life Alive has incredible food so come early to grab a bite to eat with us!

I love meeting and being around creative people. It fills me with such joy. These people are so exciting to talk to. Very refreshing. When I’m around them it feels as if no breath is wasted and no action is left unfelt.

I’m heading down to the cape to hang out with my dad and step mom Friday. Also to woop my dad in NBA Live 09, since he’s too old to play me in real basketball :). On Saturday I get to see Providence as I’ll be going to visit a new friend. Lots of people have told me that Providence is beautiful so I’m very excited to see the area!

lovelovelove Kev

Another Awesome Show, TFS Recording Session 3, And A Painting

Me Likes to sing!
Me Likes to sing!

The Fitted Shirt played at Brew’d Awakening again last night. Another Fun show! We played 3 Vigor songs again and I felt better than ever about my voice. It’s been a long time getting my voice back to normal after the surgery and it feels absolutely wonderful to share it with people again! The rest of the pics can be seen here.

Fitted Shirt recording session 3 was percussion day. Tom is just about done with his parts. Next week Bryan will be coming. Dan and I will be recording some stuff on Tuesday as well.

Tara made me an AWESOME painting. She told me that since I’m allergic to pets, she painted me a bat. SO FUNNY!!! It makes me laugh hysterically!

Also, Steph and I are going to see Dredg at The Middle East in a few weeks!!!! sooooo grrooooood!

My new pet, thanks to Tara!

Even more x's! Wahoo!
Even more x's! Wahoo!

About Section Complete / The Fitted Shirt In The Studio – Day 2

That’s right, the about section is now complete! Head on over and enjoy. I wrote a new Vigor song as well! It’s  a jaaaaaaammmm.

Last night was the 2nd Fitted Shirt recording session for the new album, tentatively titled “Hibernation”. We got 4 of Dan’s acoustic tracks done. Things are sounding nice!

Day 2
Day 2 - More X's!

The Fitted Shirt In The Studio – Day 1!

Day one in the studio with the guys. We’ve got a 10 track album all mapped out. Drums, melodica, and keys are done for “Caught A Cloud” and “Television” are done. They sound AWESOME!

Bryguy yelled out “pickledick!” before starting a piani part. SO FUNNY!

All lined up and tracking!

I can’t say enough about how talented these guys are. It’s so much fun and soooo easy to work with such incredible musicians! It’s one of the first times I’ve been in a band where I’m not better than most of the musicians. Not to sound conceited…it just feels wonderful to be around musicians that I can learn from and push me to be better! These guys are really good at their stuff, and we can all play one or two(or more) instruments , yes that means you Tom! Drums and percussion are different instruments to me, since I’ve realized I’m not as good as percussion as I thought I was! Yay room to grow!

It’s also cool to see a few of the guys getting their first or second time in the studio. Hopefully I’ll be able to teach them some of the random stuff that I’ve learned from working with Megan over the past million years.

In other news, Jeff wrote my “About”, so that’ll be finalized and posted soon(maybe tonight depending on how much I get into NBA Live 09)!

Wahoo! I feel complete now that music is %100 back in my life. It’s a wonderful feeling.